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The Brazilian Aerospace Industry is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere.
Competing in a globalizes industry as the aerospace, some of its affiliates are world class players in their market niche, thanks to its high technology capabilities and the quality of its products.
The companies of is industrial conglomerate are involved in every stage of aeronautic, space and defence activities, including design, manufacturing, sales, customer support, and aerospace services.

The aeronautical segment offers a variety of products such as, but not limited to, airplanes, helicopters, structural segments, engines, aircraft/engines parts, on board systems and equipment, and air traffic control systems.

Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services are provide to civil and military aircraft of all sizes including major checks, structural modifications, engine and components overhaul. Some companies are FAA Approved Repair Stations and EASA Approved Maintenance Organizations (AMO).

The defense segment offers aircraft designed to meet specific mission’s requirements as well as weapon systems, equipment, non guided and guided weapons, and systems integration.

The space segment offers small satellites, satellite structures, payloads, satellite equipment, ground systems, propulsion, sounding rockets and launchers. It also offers services related to the usage of satellites images, consulting and other specialized services.

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