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The globalization process, increasingly present in all countries of the world, shows that adding value to products produced in one country, it is critical to its competitiveness as a nation.
The aerospace sector, due to its wide range of products and services involved, such as aircraft, satellites and launch vehicles, defense equipment, all with high technological content, has proven essential for a country to exercise its sovereignty and project its power.

The Brazilian aerospace industry through the complete mastery of different technologies, and the quality of its products, has contributed significantly to the development of the country, either directly, through its economic contribution, or indirectly, by transferring its innovations and standard quality to other sectors.

The technological intensity of the aerospace industry to aggregate their products, or necessary for its development, determined that the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development), to classify among 22 industries in the first place.

In this group, the only Brazilian industrial sector to own brands recognized worldwide is the aerospace, arises from the intrinsic quality and competitiveness of the Brazilian aerospace industry in providing solutions that really meet the needs of its customers in five continents.

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